Vebar Starter Package

available for battery dealers

Vebar Starter Packages

Vebar industrial grade battery sensors, monitor, analyze and log all important battery data and alarm settings – day and night.

Real-time monitoring and download of the extensive amount of logged data is a breeze, thanks to the built-in wireless communication module.
This patented wireless technology is approved for worldwide use, and especially designed for harsh industrial environments.


  • On-board LED’s offer immediate visual information :
    • State Of Charge / Discharge
    • Battery Temperature Status
    • Electrolyte level Status 
  • Optional external LED, indicating State Of Charge
    • This external LED can easily be attached to the side of the battery tray, and shows the State of Charge.
    • Ideal  for use with Battery Shifters.
    • Especially useful if the battery sensor’s built-in led’s are not visible  (eg. If mounted under the seat of the driver)
  • 24/7 Diagnose of the battery state:
    • The sensor constantly monitors, measures and calculates important battery parameters, to determine the health of the battery. When a problem is detected, it is kept in the memory for later retrieval, and reported to your wirelessly connected PC.
  • Customizable data logging interval.
  • Logged data
    • Total Volt
    • Mid-Volt
    • Current (We use the unique Pat. Pend. Clamp-on Current Sensor. No shunts to weld.)        
    • Ah in/out
    • Temperature
    • Electrolyte level
    • Alarms
    • Cycles
    • And much more…
  •  Customizable Alarm Settings:
    • Un-used battery
    • Missing battery
    • Under-charged Battery
    • Battery Unbalance
    • Overcharging Main Charge
    • Overcharging Post Charge
    • Temperature Danger
    • Electrolyte Level Too Low
    • Sulphated battery
    • Overcharged battery
    • Deep Discharged Battery
    • Check sensor cables
    • Sensor reconnected
    • and much more…
  • Huge on-board memory – non-volatile :
    • ten-thousands of time stamped measurement logs
    • thousands of time stamped alarm logs
    • extensive time stamped logging of all significant data on 2000+ charge- and discharge cycles.
  • On-board RF communication module for industry-grade wireless communication.
    • Remote (Wireless) download of non-volatile memory
    • Remote (wireless) customization of battery info and alarm settings
    • Remote (wireless) battery monitoring in real time 
  • Optional:  
    • Several Vebar Sensors can create a Wireless sensor mesh network
    • Real-time Web Based Battery monitoring and Management

VEBAR provides data loggers, wireless diagnostic and monitoring products and accessories for Battery Powered Equipment. Known for providing reliable data and ‘always-on’ monitoring, VEBAR sensors can be rapidly deployed in a range of monitoring applications. The wireless drop-in network capabilities make it extremely easy to start or expand a remote battery monitoring network.

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