Vebar Professional Package

Vebar Professional Package

Plug & Play Solutions:

    • Every Single battery in every Vebar Organizing System  becomes fully web accessible.
    • Monitoring Platform for all your remote battery sites: Manage multiple –any size- fleets from a single location.
    • Automatic E-mail Alarm Messaging.

Monitoring Features

    • Monitor multiple battery fleets from anywhere.
    • Real time information at your fingertips.
    • Battery State, Volt, Current, Ah, Temperature, Alarms, …
    • Battery and charger data uploads to web servers. All accessible in real-time.
    • 24/7 automatic battery diagnose and reporting.
    • Remotely pinpoint battery issues.

Personalize battery fleets from anywhere

    • Remotely personalize sensor information.
    • Remotely modify numerous alarm settings.
    • Remotely customize your E-mail alarm settings.
    • Different Access levels for different people.


Automated Email Notifications

    • Customizable E-mail settings for every sensor and battery site!
    • You decide who gets which messages.
    • Alerts users and/or maintenance of issues, long before they become expensive problems.
    • Alerts:
      • Temperature (too low / too high)
      • Water level (too low)
      • Water Level (too low for too Long)
      • Volt (too low / too high)
      • Current
      • Overcharging (Time / Ah)
      • Unfinished Charging
      • Mis-picked battery
      • Missing Battery
      • Battery Un-balance
      • and much more…


Wireless & Remote download of all logged data

    • Download historic data from sensors’ memory or from centralized secure web servers.
    • Create and export reports in csv format. Import data to your spreadsheet application .
    • Use historic data to create personalized reports 



    • Real-Time info: Access and control from anywhere.
    • Peace of Mind.
    • Huge savings in trip charges, thanks to remote access.
    • Reduced Battery Service & Maintenance Costs
    • Maximized Charge efficiency
    • Maximized battery life
    • No unexpected truck downtime
    • Increased productivity
    • High ROI

VEBAR provides data loggers, wireless diagnostic and monitoring products and accessories for Battery Powered Equipment. Known for providing reliable data and ‘always-on’ monitoring, VEBAR sensors can be rapidly deployed in a range of monitoring applications. The wireless drop-in network capabilities make it extremely easy to start or expand a remote battery monitoring network.

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