Before you Buy

Before you Buy

Why do you not use a shunt?

The VVIT series data logger measures current by using its proprietary clamp-on current sensor. It installs quickly and does not show the disadvantages of low-cost resistive Shunts:

  • No electrical isolation presenting noise and potential safety hazard.
  • Insertion loss, resulting in heat (energy dissipation) and voltage drop in system.
  • Large size and weight as measured currents increase.

Vebar’s clamp-on current sensor provides electrical isolation, is very reliable, built for harsh industrial environments and is acid resistant.

VEBAR provides data loggers, wireless diagnostic and monitoring products and accessories for Battery Powered Equipment. Known for providing reliable data and ‘always-on’ monitoring, VEBAR sensors can be rapidly deployed in a range of monitoring applications. The wireless drop-in network capabilities make it extremely easy to start or expand a remote battery monitoring network.

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