About Us

VEBAR at its booth on PROMAT, Chicago


Vebar is a leading provider of cutting-edge battery monitoring solutions for industrial electric vehicles. Vebar presented  the first web based battery monitoring system for traction batteries, using wireless battery sensors and wireless displays that can be deployed globally.

Our dynamic and experienced team goes to great lengths to assist customers to choose the best solution, and to assist in the best possible way. We ensure our staff is up to date with the offered technology. Vebar systems automatically collect battery data, analyzes conditions, diagnoses problems and informs users months before issues become Critical and costly!

Mission Statement

It is our mission to be excellent not only in the quality of the product we deliver, but also in service that we provide. We focus on the needs of our customers. We understand that even the best products are nothing without quality people to support them. That is why we strive every day to provide unparalleled customer service in an efficient and timely manner.

High Quality

  • Vebar sensors manufactured under ISO 9001:2000 standards
  • Use of high end industrial grade components for a secure 24/7 operation
  • Highest reliability with quality on-board micro controller and memory
  • Gateway all-in-one main boards
  • Extreme low power consumption
  • High-performance and extremely durable
  • Fast ROI (return of investment)
  • Low TCO (total cost of owner ship)

Total Purchasing Convenience

  • Demo units and application software available
  • Stock available
  • Fast & secure product delivery
  • Knowledgeable sales and technical staff
  • Up to 7 years of service and support available
  • Up to 5 years extended warranty available
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Credit cards, check, money orders, and wire transfers accepted


  • With Vebar you have access to hard- and software development services
  • Tested firmware Changes are implemented overnight, without the need for on-site hardware swap ! It all happens wireless –over the air.
  • Building products to your specs


We adhere to industry standards to promote excellence in everything we do. Vebar sensors and Gateways are manufactured in Europe and the United States and undergo quality control of the highest standard.

Vebar products undergo 100% pre-delivery testing to ensure the highest level of quality and reliability. We guarantee a trouble-free product.

Vebar RF modules have FCC Approval (USA), and are Manufactured under ISO9001:2000.

This wireless communication technology also hold approvals for use in Europe, Australia, Canada andJapan.

VEBAR provides data loggers, wireless diagnostic and monitoring products and accessories for Battery Powered Equipment. Known for providing reliable data and ‘always-on’ monitoring, VEBAR sensors can be rapidly deployed in a range of monitoring applications. The wireless drop-in network capabilities make it extremely easy to start or expand a remote battery monitoring network.

Vebar usa values your privacy. Click here to read our policies.

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